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  • 28 Apr 2024
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Reset Password

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Factory Reset Akuvox Devices

Reset Device Web Password on Akuvox Cloud Platform

Users may forget passwords for logging into device web interface. Follow the steps to reset the web password when the device is connected to Akuvox Cloud.

Step 1

Log into the Akuvox Cloud platform with an installer account.


Step 2

To go to the device Info page, follow the steps.

On the Single-tenant Manager view

1. Click User on the left column.

2. Click the Device icon of the desired user.
Screenshot 2023-08-11 155529.png

3. Click the Info icon of the desired device.
Screenshot 2023-08-10 15333211.png

On the Project Manager view

1. Select Community or Office on the left upper corner.

2. Click the Info icon of the desired community or office.
Screenshot 2023-08-11 1607481.png

3. Click Intercom Devices and then the Info icon of the desired device.
Screenshot 2023-08-11 1612292.png

Step 3

1. On the device Info page, click the Settings button.

Screenshot 2023-08-08 13581011.png

2. On the Settings page,

  • Click One-Time AutoP.
  • Fill in the autop command: Config.Settings.WEB_LOGIN.Password=admin
  • Click Submit to apply changes.

Screenshot 2023-08-08 1402321.png

  • If changes are not applied immediately, please reboot the device.

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